me: slowly dying from smoke inhalation.
                   you: a ghost
me: seeking someone, anyone to bring me a smoothie spinach, plain yogurt, strawberry, extra pineapple just like shove a whole pineapple in there
and blend it up with some ice
                   you: a literal pineapple
me: calling my mom, saying I am so exhausted emotionally, but also the regular way, like it’s so heavy and,
                   you: drinking coffee from a teacup, floating in the pool
me: drinking   you, accidentally participating in an immersive ad experience
                    you: a guide to facing my demons
                   the other definition of alien is always
                   the first one you’ll remember
me: a demon
                      you: also a demon, ready to be faced
me: in love with fucked up fake alien cultures
                   you: there is always something new    
                   that sounds likes your snores, like wolves
                   on tv made in a sound room or construction
                   crews with chainsaws or the cat’s snores or
                   another sound
me: a chainsaw
                   you: m4m
me: a ghost

Originally from central Florida, MJ Santiago currently lives and works in New York. Their work has appeared in Reservoir Lit, Heavy Feather Review, and No, Dear Magazine. Their first chapbook, baby knife, is forthcoming from tenderness, yea in April 2018.