Sara Tell Me Everything (2016 Tinderbox Editors’ Prize Winner)

tell me all about you / how the corn stalks in your hometown lean to the left / even in summer’s dead heat / tell me about the time your mom hugged Willie Nelson at the Jamboree / what our lives will be like / if we are sitting under this same tree a year from now / dear Sara / one day we’ll go to Mexico together / swim in the cenote we watched so many YouTube videos about / where the teal of the water shimmers like wet nail polish / dear Sara / our first swim this summer in the Allegheny River and it’s only May / we pack our lunches / peanut butter sandwiches / your favorite cheese-stuffed pretzel from the Sheetz up the road / melted Hershey bars / you put my fingers in your mouth / I put my tongue along your collarbone / I have the sudden urge to tell you everything / dear Sara / the best way to tell you anything / is to tear off the labels of our beer bottles and make a picture / here is Ohio / here is Cincinnati / Howell Avenue / your apartment / here are my shoes on your welcome mat / my keys on your counter / your hand on my cheek / dear Sara / I will write you a letter every week in September / I will take a shot of Knob Creek with you in Nashville, Tennessee / and not make a face / dear Sara / let’s get to know each other again and again / go back to Manhattan for another February / fumble with my button-fly / stomp our feet in the slush / no extra socks / here is where you ate pizza in college with your last four dollars / here on this bench is where you made one friend / where you left this town for that one / dear Sara / there is right now / our soft hands / my backseat / dear Sara / there is tomorrow and the day after that