Twenty-two bones in the head

two temporal lobes

produce the sense of I.  A sense is

a collection of cells, electricity, fat, fluid. An aura is

ecstatic birth. An aura is

the tiniest roller coaster.  The baby pinks. 

The temporal lobe is critical

for language recognition

religious voices. Swelling,

swallowing, rising tides.

An aura is a familiar voice, déjà vu.

Seizures given like gifts

to children. Heracles lost Hylas to water.

High fever. Lil Wayne, Dostoyevsky. Wild Thing.

Jamais vu.

As the wave spreads, senses flicker.

Wash out. A sense

is a collection of cells, electricity, fat, fluid.  A sense

something uncoils the I.

red is a white, fat, nonbinary person sitting at a weaving loom, threading yarn onto the loom. they're wearing a black shirt that reads "never talk to cops" - in the background are other people weaving on a standing loom.

red nesbitt (they/them) is a poet, reluctant social worker, and organizer living on Piscataway lands in so-called Baltimore. Their work has appeared in Dream Pop Press, Poetry Project’s Footnotes and is forthcoming in Protean.