Amanda Bubble Composes a Fifty-Word, Third-Person Contributor Bio for an Anthology on the Theme of Vulnerability

Amanda Bubble evanesces, is ephemeral, is the empress of ice cream in the swelter of July. She is filmy, all shimmer and wobble. A sharp look destroys her. She is the fragility of the shell around the embryo of the eaglet, dreading the tiny beak and its pip, pip, pip.


Jennifer Bullis is the author of the chapbook Impossible Lessons (MoonPath Press). She holds a Ph.D. from the University of California Davis and was a mentee in the AWP Writer to Writer Program, Spring 2015. Her poems appear in such journals as Cider Press Review, Iron Horse, Tahoma, Bellingham Review, and the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion. She lives in Bellingham, Washington, where she taught college writing and literature for 14 years.