Amy’s Birthday is the Same Day Every Year

It only works because of the little thing’s wet nose.

They usually never call about stains.
They usually never send emails like this.

Don’t spill shit on my shit.

My favorite teacher went to Vietnam.
My favorite student went to Iraq.

He suggested I pee in the pool.

I found a present in his leghole.
For a long time women didn’t

leave their houses in their own hair.
My father’s brain is like

I don’t know my daughter!

They sold photographs
in a brown envelope.

The lens was covered in humidity.
Is she ready to pull the baby out.


Farrah Field is the author of Rising (Four Way Books, 2009) and the chapbook Parents (Immaculate Disciples Press, 2011). Her poems and essays have appeared in many publications including Sixth Finch, Ploughshares, Harp & Altar, Lit, Typo, La Petite Zine, and Drunken Boat. Two of her poems were selected by Kevin Young for The Best American Poetry 2011. Her essays and reviews have appeared in Harp & Altar and Coldfront. She lives in Brooklyn where she co-hosts an event series called Yardmeter Editions. She occasionally blogs at and is co-owner of Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop.