Anatomy for Artists: Nude Studies (1)

Nude as Point of Contention Between Them


taught they were                   born without

  navels, though

in some editions,                   was

not apple but orange       which to me
makes more sense, the peeling

more deliberate,                     offered not a mouthful but a section, signifying

   that there was more to be had.       skin,

an ordinary drapery.

a porous subject                     little, or no

evidence to support such a claim                     must have had a disagreement, a

slight alter-

cation                                                      at the base of the
neck                                                        a bead of it      rolls.      I will not
mourn           nor sing dirges for a          dead garden,          nor spend

                    all my days

                    in leaves.



Denise Jarrott is an MFA candidate at Colorado State University. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Petri Press, Dusie, and Cut Bank.