Anatomy for Artists: Nude Studies (2)

Nude as an Optical Illusion

body as a kind of deer blind, age nine
nothing of substance, clothes empty of
body. as one disappears underwater
                    or behind a fence, think nothing                     of it: body as one becomes
illusion.       this is what you must tell yourself :                   it is not your will, it is not your
                    “someone could have seen you”                             “but no one did”
“no more argument.”
body as a kind of examination, a study
in tethering oneself against one’s love. No
devotion would be worth the slaughter                           nor for lamb nor for daughter nor
                                        (laughter), a shutting door.

Denise Jarrott is an MFA candidate at Colorado State University. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Petri Press, Dusie, and Cut Bank.