Anatomy for Artists: Nude Studies (3)

Nude as Descent of Glass

amongst                   to have left your home, or
amidst                      to have been taken from it?
or:                           do you feel it necessary to etch your name on a window
                                or stand at the window in the darkness, pressing your body against it?
in what ways do you assert yourself?             in what ways are things asserted upon us?
field: necessary for work to be done, within it? atop it?       above it?
house: necessary for leave to be taken, within it?       within
tell me the last time you felt safe, the last time you laid in a field without clothes on, the last time you walked home in the dark and could feel the night make you completely transparent. the last time you wore a skirt. the last time you pressed yourself against the window in a dark room? an illuminated room? the last time every eye was on you every single every eye was yours to take and you took them all?
                                                                                                          that is all they do. they
                                                                                                          ask me about myself.


Denise Jarrott is an MFA candidate at Colorado State University. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Petri Press, Dusie, and Cut Bank.