another lunar place away from meddling fools we are trashy and in trouble
undesirables ne’er-do-wells looting our own dreams stained and reckless
know no better than to candy with each other
diamonds we found false so early
and she
is getting beaten back behind a truck but it’s just like breath and we are barely
watching but here it is
again: she might be me
startlit with whiskey she can smell it in your face syrup
that you promise with your open mouth strip away what glory she has left
here’s my secret
I have learned to leap from fullest maple top
and fly and I can teach you all if you will limit what I have to see
I hope this is as easy as I dream it when summer opens its eternity
we are guilty of so many things

Nancy Bevilaqua's poems have appeared in or are forthcoming from West Branch, Whiskey Island, Pilgrimage, Hubbub, Hermeneutic Chaos, Atticus Review, Kentucky Review, and other journals. She is the author of a collection of poems entitled Gospel of the Throwaway Daughter. In the 1980's she attended NYU's M.A. program in English/Creative Writing (Poetry). About two years ago she returned to writing poetry after an inexplicable 16-year hiatus.