Catching Up with Anna B. Sutton

Where can we read some of your recent work?

I wrote a bunch of poems inspired by my trip to the Arctic Circle. Some of those can be read at, Los Angeles Review and Radar. I’m also particularly proud of a recent publication at Booth, the first of my series on infertility and pregnancy to be picked up. It was published at the same time that my husband and I finally conceived our first child!

What are you reading right now?   

I’m reading Ada Limon’s The Carrying right now. She is one of my favorite poets, but she also always writes the books I want to write better and first! I’m glad she does though, because they are always such an experience to read. She is an expert at combining conversational language, absolutely devastating imagery from the natural world, and the unique experience of being a woman these days. Right now, I’m working on a manuscript about infertility and pregnancy, which is why I decided to pick up her latest. Unsurprisingly, it is blowing me away. “What if instead of carrying a child, I am supposed to carry grief” — that line destroys me in the best way.

What’s next for you?

Just submitting, hopefully finishing up my next manuscript, literally and metaphorically giving birth. 

Anna B. Sutton

Anna B. Sutton is a poet and painter from Nashville, TN. She received her MFA from UNC Wilmington and a James Merrill Fellowship from Vermont Studio Center. She’s worked for a number of literary organizations, including Blair Publisher, Lookout Books, One Pause Poetry, The Porch Writers’ Collective, Dialogist, Gigantic Sequins, and Ecotone. She currently lives in Winston Salem, NC, and works at UNC School of the Arts. Find more about me on my website ( and via Twitter (@annabsutton).