Catching Up with Diane K. Martin

Where can we read some of your recent work?

Cover of "Hue & Cry" by Diane K. Martin

My second full-length collection, HUE & CRY,  came out March 2, 2020, a sister of the pandemic. It can be purchased from the publisher, MadHat Press at or from Amazon at (Don’t mind the odd URL detail of “Womens-Fashion-Strapless-Chiffon.”)

Some of my recent work includes my crown of sonnets, “Tongue & Groove” in diode, “Love Before Breakfast” in Vox Populi, and printed poems in Rhino 2020, descant, Crab Creek Review, River Styx, and Laurel Review.

What are you reading right now? 

I was checking out North American Review and my friend Robert Thomas’s fine poem there, when, in “From the Editors,” I discovered that Barry Lopez had died last December. How had I missed this?

I have followed Barry Lopez’s writing  since I made his acquaintance briefly at Bread Loaf in 2000. I now have Horizon in e-book from my library, but I’ve barely started it.

I’m also reading Ilya Kaminsky’s first (prize-winning) collection of poems, Dancing in Odessa. I read his second, Deaf Republic, last year and loved it, but somehow missed the first. It is a marvelous book. It’s unique; I’ve never read anything like it. It is beautiful and surreal, but not in a melted-watch way, and also sad, full of farewell and memory.

What’s next for you?

I hope my third collection, TONGUE & GROOVE, will not take ten years to find a publisher. I have started on a new book, the first time I’ve conceived of a book ahead of the poems that comprise it. It already has a name: STARE, and it will be a collaboration of my poems and my husband’s photography. (He is a professional photographer who already has one well-reviewed book.)

Diane K. Martin

Diane K. Martin lives in western Sonoma County, California. Her poems have recently appeared in American Poetry Review, diode, Field, Laurel Review, descant, Rhino, River Styx and many other journals. Diane’s first collection, Conjugated Visits, was published by Dream Horse Press. Her second, Hue & Cry, was published by MadHat Press in March, 2020.