Catching Up With Karen Neuberg

Where can we read some of your recent work?

My latest chapbook is the elephants are asking, Glass Lyre Press, 2018.

Recent work appears in:

Three poems, Menacing Hedge 

Information, Verse Daily  

The Forest (non-fiction), Young Ravens Literary Review       

Two poems, Eratio Poetry Journal

Three poems, Shot Glass Journal         

Reviews and links to additional work at

What are you reading right now?

I’ve been enjoying several books over the past few months, some that I’m rereading, and I highly recommend any or all of them:


Welcome to the Barbecue, Ron Kolm            Poems full of storytelling in suburban and city settings. Kolm’s observing eye sees the human stories all around us that most of us miss.

Glass Needles & Goose Quills, Lissa Kiernan           Written in the form of poem/essay/ memoir/nonfiction that combines personal history and the history of nuclear energy and its negative consequences. Gorgeous and important writing and a guide to taking chances with form.

The Number 5 is Always Suspect, Bob Heman and Cindy Hochman            A seamless collaboration between two skillful wordsmiths of 24 sonnets full of humor, surrealism, and touches of darkness and politics.

We Became Summer, Amy Barone    A poetic journey of memory told in five sections: Heat, Light, Sounds, Home, and Breeze. Each poem stands alone and combined, tell a story that resonates in you.

Cafe’ Crazy, Francine Witte  Poems exploring human emotion that is both personal and universal and that that tell the truths of what has and hasn’t happened.

The Cupcake Chronicles, Patricia Carragon         A world filled with buttercream and confectionary madness, where cupcakes the size of hobbits inhabit the writer’s reality in which she is sometimes the spectator and sometimes their confidant. 

Before Lyricism, Eleni Vakalo, edited and translated from the Greek by Karen Emmerich.      I came across a portion of one of the six book-length poems in this collection on Poetry Daily and was taken with the language. And the silence. I have been reading it quietly for inspiration. A line from one of the poems is the epigraph in my non-fiction piece, The Forest (link above)

Full Lotus, Tsaurah Litzky     My body rises up as I read this, “embracing what it yearns for”. The poems are all yoga, sensuality, sexuality, and honesty.


Critical Creative Writing, Essential Readings on the Writer’s Craft, edited by Janelle Adsit, An anthology of essays divided into topics such as Identity, Privilege, Representation, and Appropriation, among others covering key debates in creative writing today. A tool for instructors or self learning. Expansive.

What’s next for you?

My full-length poetry book, Pursuit, is due out in 2020 from Kelsay Press.

Karen Neuberg

Karen Neuberg is a Brooklyn-based poet. Her full length collection, Pursuit, is forthcoming from Kelsay Books. Her latest chapbook is the elephants are asking (Glass Lyre Press, 2018). She is associate editor of the online poetry journal, First Literary Review-East. She can be found on Facebook and Instagram.