the chest
drips the ghost
collected in an acorn cup
Dorothy Wordsworth, moss is a fine alphabet
i have squandered my fairy fucking goblets
let us walk in a wood and become trees
so that we needn’t speak of them and brothers endlessly
we are bark
eaten back and back and back
a – live in the beetle’s
hum and juices
the flesh and char
the day and under                    woods
the cells – each to each
a singing that metastasizes

Melissa Eleftherion grew up in Brooklyn. She is the author of huminsect (dancing girl press, 2013), prism maps (dusie kollektiv, 2014), Pigtail Duty (dancing girl press, 2015), and several other chapbooks and fragments. Recent work appears or is forthcoming in Bone Bouquet, Bukowski Erasure Poetry Anthology, Delirious Hem, Dusie, Entropy, Finery, Manifesting the Female Epic, Mom Egg Review, Open Letters Monthly, Poet as Radio, So to Speak, & TRUCK. She works as a librarian with Mendocino County Libraries, and created, developed, and currently manages the Poetry Center Chapbook Exchange. Follow her @apoetlibrarian & apoetlibrarian.wordpress.com.