Chemical Physics 301: An Introduction to Melanin in Corporeal Space


The term light-skinned refers not to color but weight when measured
on the scale of prestige. To explain how gravity can both pull up
and pull down those of ambiguous origin, this course will approach
physics through an analysis of chemistry and the body. How fair
complexions burn yet revert to their original state. How the original
state consists of multiple states. How light enables the subject to pass
through doors otherwise closed, making restrictions windows
into the minds of the gatekeeper. Mulatto, mongrel, mutt,—
having already mastered such terminology, students are expected
to be able to differentiate between people and animal in a category
of Jeopardy entitled Husband or Husbandry. While designing
protocol for naming future elements, consideration will be given
to credit all parties involved in their creation, as complex elements
struggle to be defined in the black and white logic of the past.
No physics course is complete without attention to laws—Albert Einstein’s,
Edward Murphy’s, Jim Crow’s; all are subject to being explored in
an attempt to determine how many drops it takes to form an identity,
and if only one, then which.

Geoff Anderson teaches foreigners English and Americans Italian. He curated Columbus, OH's first poetry show dedicated to biracial writers, The Other Box, and is a Callaloo fellow. His work appears or is forthcoming in S/WORD, B O D Y, Lunch Ticket, and