Corner House Green

I trip the streets
            last memory, yellow cup.
Sound for sad goes
many snaked,   tongue on tongue
           bad tea-burnt tongue.
I trip.
                      Dark room I trip
tea to tongue, yellow cup       and streets
snake sad to somewhere sometime
           somewhere else.
Bad streets, last memory:       the sound.
Last memory dark room dark streets
           I trip sad to somewhere
tongue for tongue. Sound for bad goes
else or somewhere       sad-burnt somewhere
someone’s yellow cup.
Or else yellow cup       I snake the streets
           sad snake-sound       for somewhere.
Sound for sad goes       somewhere I’ve been
                      I trip the sounds.
I trip
           last light last memory
last of what falls down.

Kat Dixon is the author of two full-length poetry collections – TEMPORARY YES (Artistically Declined Press 2012) and BLACK RACKET OCEAN (89Plus/LUMA Publications 2014) – and the novella HERE/OTHER (Artistically Declined Press 2014). She lives in Seoul and online at