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Dark-eyed Junco

It lies on my doorstep belly up,

breast pale, twig-feet perched on air,

slate-hooded head tilted to the side;

a smear of down and blood on the window pane.


Moments ago, a trill of tickering notes,

flash of flint wingbeats hurtling

toward birch limbs, clouds, startling blue

splintered with light, body growing larger,

larger, filling dark eyes, then glass –


the self so clearly seen

just before the end.


A former middle-school English teacher, Suzanne Rogier Marshall has published professional articles, poetry, and a book on teaching writing. Her poems have appeared recently in The Tule Review, Written River, the Aurorean, contemporary haibun, and Freshwater as well as other journals and anthologies. Suzanne’s chapbook Blood Knot was released in June 2015.