Lean in and sing softly—your breath against
my ear like a whisper but with music
and your lips just faintly brushing the skin
along my neck so that your words are shapes
your mouth is making while the sound fills up
all my hearing, drowning out all the noise
and your face so close to my face is all
I know and I blush just from the rich smell
of your skin: heady, warm, resin, and pine—
and forget the nurse that waits by my bed
to measure or inspect, listen or check
on the machines or the tubes or the pills
—bend even more closely humming deep
in your throat so you’re all that I can see.

Noah Stetzer is a graduate of The MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College and also a recipient of scholarships from Lambda Literary Retreat for Emerging LGBT Writers & Bread Loaf Writer's Conference. His poem, "Eclipse” was a finalist in the first annual Tinderbox Poetry Journal Contest/2015. Noah's chapbook Because I Can See Needing a Knife (Red Bird) will be published in 2016. Born & raised in Pittsburgh PA, he now lives in the Washington DC area.