Erotica Americana

Take me     to your hometown
& hug your hot-dish mother
In front of your red-aproned relatives
I will lick     lick
your pink     neck
that tastes of blond fuzz     & SPF 70
Baby     take me to your state fair
& let me feed you
fried sticks of butter     watch you
deep throat     every ball & batter
Take me to, nay, at     your father’s dairy farm
the good ol’ squeeze & squirt
No foreplay     you’re a natural like that
grass-fed heartland lust
back rippling like tractor tires
plowing a country     that does not want me
Oh sweet apologetic boy
your shoveled bed     was all I was good for
& you turn this land saying     Sorry but
I’d prefer if you didn’t stay over
Tell me     how many times must I come
hard     like an animal
to rattle the fence     at a dream
that gives no pleasure     in its shattering

Yuxi Lin
Yuxi Lin is a Chinese American poet. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in The Washington Post, Spilled Milk, Cosmonauts Avenue, Epiphany, and The Southern Review. She is an MFA candidate at New York University, where she received the Lillian Vernon Fellowship.