Excommunication Is a Story They Tell to Keep Us Indoors


Do Not Resuscitate                      

                                              White Noise



                      A woman’s voice                 cooing


                The end of times         are      here      to stay


Transnational Justice           is the oppressors        


 way     of     Omitting              Fault



                ON         The friday Night     a


    Plant screams     for        nine                hours


A phone                          rings


  At the             wrong moment


    I    awake     in     a sheet of ice       


            craving              foreign soil        


in my plate         blue             Fish        from Lake Michigan         swim



We packed Shawarma                  for the trip up         North


    Watched marathons            of monster movies        


for comedy & not tragedy           The minutemen stand  



Firm     on horizon        made of faulty steel & corduroy sky


    I offer them nothing            they plunder     the big dipper    




    The        Hajjis on the porch front     send a carrier pigeon


They saw me floating             into strange cars by    


        the corner store    


    But     never                 stopped picking


Grape    leaves             from


my fence


Yasmine Rukia is a Lebanese-American experimental poet, professional social justice bore and the reigning meme queen of Metro Detroit. Her hot takes exploring the nexus of arabesque america, womxnhood, taboo, islam and pop culture blurring the lines between fiction and futurism can be found on PaperMag, TheRedFez, Cliterature, Jaffat El-Aqlam, and others, including her IG theflowerofcarnage