Florida History

There are too many beginnings & no point.

We could say the scarf was knit with one skein. Sooner or later, someone will unravel it just to know; just as well

we start with the big words.
            But the peninsula stood unsurrendered, I wrote in eighth grade.
            & She laid down her arms, in ninth.

A paraphrase, then: the man’s boat was a ’57 corvette.

We could have all the catheads to house our anchors
& all the lighthouses to match.
           While the cities continue to flood.

Under the jacaranda, it is easiest to notice
something sudden & scrawled in a corner—
                                                                       The baby the baby the baby the bay.

Jessica Guzman Alderman is a Florida native. Her work has appeared in Barely South Review and Sleet, among others.