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from Error Season

The zebra-bird flies over
my half-napping face & lands
in a crab apple tree   freckled
with holes   Aloe green apples
globed & swinging adorn
hundreds of gaudy earrings
I get dizzy from breathing
with my eyes closed   The song
doubles in my ears   A different bird
with a red head stabs its face
into the earth I want to be like that
total in my wanting for you
              A breeze splits off
& tangles above the stream
A cloud that looks like a cowgirl
boot comes & covers the sun

Ari Wolff’s poems have appeared in Vinyl, The Offing, [PANK], Whiskey Island, Hinchas de Poesia, and more. She lives in the Hudson Valley where she works as an educator and community organizer. You can find her online at ariwolff.work.