Garland-Eating Hungry Ghosts 食鬘鬼   摩羅婆叉

How many calories 

are there in a flower? 

If I tear a chain of marigolds 

into tiny pieces will I 

feel full faster?

Now that I’m dead

do carbs count 

less? How do I

decide how much 

to eat now 

that no one 

can see me?

How do I measure 

my progress when I weigh

less than an ounce?

How many flowers

equal one brownie

in fat grams?

Where does yellow go

when we have crushed

all of the petals

between our teeth?

Joan Kwon Glass, a woman with chin-length black hair and plaid shirt.

Joan Kwon Glass is the Korean diasporic author of NIGHT SWIM, winner of the Diode Book Prize (Diode Editions, 2022) & two chapbooks. She serves as editor-in-chief for Harbor Review & as a teacher for several writing centers including Brooklyn Poets, Corporeal & Hudson Valley Writers Center. Joan’s poems have been featured or are forthcoming in Poetry Daily, The Slowdown, Poetry Northwest, Ninth Letter, Rattle, Asian American Writer’s Workshop (The Margins), Tahoma Literary Review, Prairie Schooner, Cherry Tree, Juniper, Salamander & elsewhere. She lives in coastal Connecticut with her family.