Bonita                             pretty  //  in the face

Chismosa        a gossiper  // they say i am 

Dulce              sweet  // I ooze & drip the

Gorda                                                                  fat  // the heaviness  I carry 

Gringra                                                   american  // they call me 

Hija                                                        a daughter // a seed 

Mala                                                        a bad girl  // rotting from the outside in
Mami         a mother // gives birth to

Muerte                              death  //  the end that  follows

Pecadora        a sinner // a fisher of 

Peligrosa                      dangerous // women

Puta            a whore  // spread out across an alter

Santa                            a saint // that serves herself

Sin Vergenza                                       shamelessly  //  I dance without my name

Tierna                                                            tender //  breasted before breakfast 

Valiente        valiente  //  is what I say I am 

Vulnerable                    vulnerable // is  how I feel sometimes

Vulgar           vulger  // is what they'll remember me by

Michelle Garcia Fresco

Michelle Garcia Fresco is an Afro-Latinx poet and organizer based in Boston. She is currently a rising senior at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Double majoring in Creative Writing and Sociology.

Believing in the power of poetry as a medium for social justice. Garcia`s writing is often inspired by the women in her family, social and racial injustices in America, coping with loss and mental health, as well as her Dominican roots.