– after Jasper Johns, Green Target

Green hears me singing the blues and intervenes.
She follows me into my dreams posing as curtain,
as cycle, as movie star. She offers a bottle of herself,

mint julep. Smitten, I am, and swamp haze.
Until I come upon my fear of the snake in her.
Of the lizard tail she can release and leave

dangling in my grasp. Spiraling her concentric
swirls around my wrist, I cogitate heartbeat
and conception. In retrospect, she remains

forever at my childhood side, protean, pliable,
and perfectly plausible. When I break away
to pursue my other love – blue – she reminds me

I can simply add the yolk of sun to summon her return.
Now if I can just omit fear from my life,
I’ll be young again, full of bull’s-eye & whirligig.