i am too old

i am too old to get/ fucked up on boys anymore./
everything is certain and/ blunted like/ an avocado pit.
i listen to static on the radio and i/ drive to work and i/
run my hands up and down the/ steering wheel.
i don’t care about their/ baby teeth. i don’t care about
their/ ex-girlfriends./ i am too stupid to/ think about
love anymore.
and besides,/ how can i get/ drawn and quartered on/
men?/ i leave my body before they/ pin my arms
down/ like/ mothwings.

Tanya Azari is still a poet in progress. They have been published in Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Words Dance, Rising Phoenix Review, and The Fem Lit Mag. Other works can be found self-published at heretherebesomething.tumblr.com.