Kool Aid Epistle


i said  yo my man

you sell kool aid

you do

you’re the bomb brother


while pulling out my EBT card

i felt someone/something  grilling my back

i turned & saw this young sister

you know her kind    dread lock    shell wearing

it’s about unity  the mother land and shit


she smirked  rolled her eyes

her attitude told me she thought

i’m another useless do ragging brother

she disgustedly turned her back on me


i don’t know what stopped me from screaming

yo sister i didn’t sign up to live on a tight rope

have mercy   every day   i pray for a better life

i deserve the same love   respect    you text about


denise bell is a mature published poet. “the village voice,” described her work as “strong, emotional, and proud.” her work was in “off shore journal, live at the nuyorican café, and the chaffey review.” denise’s work focuses on the disenfranchised and those who are forced to live a marginal life.