Like Stars, Like Feathers

Loss floats like feathers,

mowing the lawn just after a monsoon

the smell of it everywhere,

stuck just under a button up shirt.

Mist curls 


 &sunsets truth into skin. 

Dark skies are night skies but all the time.

& don’t you feel it?


when the clouds parted

the mentzelia raised their heads toward the sky

in hopes

 the sun would come out,

instead dim constellations. 

Stars become just remnants—

like the voicemail left on my father’s phone,

white lilies on his rented casket

entangled in hair and when a breeze from the window blew them


floated like


A woman with dark brown hair and glasses with a goofy smile.

Margarita Cruz received her MFA in Creative Writing from Northern Arizona University. She is president of the Northern Arizona Book Festival, contributor for the Arizona Daily Sun, and daylights as a creative writing high school teacher. She has received support from Tin House and her works have been featured in PANK, Rattle, and the Academy of American Poets among others. Find more of her at