love poem #5

your lack of emotional availability
is attractive since I have bills to pay
and daddy issues.
I find my heartlust distracting,
penciling in bubbles,
algorithms and brain spasms.
you look good in spandex
or nothing. or everything.
I <3 you x a million + infinity.
check yes if you like me.
check no if you want to fuck me.
check maybe if you’ll take me out to dinner
in the hopes of a kiss
and possibly holding hands
near my right thigh.
I like Thai food, 4hot.
I’ll be almost impressed
if you order 10Thaihot; it’s not even
on the menu—you just have to know.


Bo Schwabacher’s poems have appeared in CutBank, diode, Muzzle, Redivider, Red Paint Hill Poetry Journal, Rust+Moth, Vinyl, and elsewhere. Her first book of poems, A Korean Bathhouse in Dream City, is being released by YesYes Books. She teaches at Northern Arizona University.