Love Song


G-d of toddler wobble & teen sweat, of bride’s lace

& belly quake, cradle my newborn cry beside my love.


G-d of new bruises & blood loss, You grew these cells.

Let tears petition boundless eyes to cry beside my love!


G-d of transplant & graft, of transfusion & mask,

spare me this task. Will no star rise beside my love?


No G-d cracked his gene & grew this rebel protein.

Who hacks his counts? Who sucks time beside my love?


Devil of no sleep.  Devil of dawn needle & night

shakes. A devil IV snakes beside my love.


Devil of dumb mutation. Stomach devil. Tongue devil.

A beeping breathing devil machine dies beside my love.


No devil brought him back today.  He stayed in the sheets

& did not rise with the sun. G-d, how I cried beside my love.


Barbara Schwartz is a poetry reader for Ep;phany Magazine. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Nimrod International Journal of Prose and Poetry, Atticus Review, The 2River View, Red River Review, and Josephine Quarterly. In 2006, she received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence. For the past nine years, she has been teaching English to high school students in New York City.