Making Like Monks.

from The Voyeur’s Guide to Real Estate: Now, voyeur—I can see you, too. I am the angel of perception. I am the angle.


Be cool when you’re talking round the fuzz. “I’ll have the cheeseplate,” as if they don’t know what that is. They know the lingo.


How many times have they heard, “I’ll give you a dollar if you spit on it.” They know the boy on mushrooms. They know the tango.


You’re passing out. And we’ve just met! Now, like a tuft of carpet, we’ve been carried to the streets. Through the bay window.

We can see the delivery boy from the Thai place is hiding something. Maybe he’s dropping off the pad see ew, if you feel me.

Maybe he has handled those noodles like a brief romance. There is a code to the open window. It appears we’ve run out of space.

D. A. Powell's most recent collections are Useless Landscape, or A Guide for Boys and Repast. He lives in San Francisco.