morphology of diri ak pwa

it starts slender,

the pale spine 

of an onion

under my shaking

hand. you say, stop 

cooking that stinking 

food. let us thin

into transparent bell

pepper slices, the fist 

of seed. we curdle, 

coconut milk left 

in the same pot. dissect

under the blade.

Siobhan Jean-Charles, a biracial Haitian woman with a curly undercut is wearing a brown tank top. She is sitting with her side profile visible, her head turned to gaze unsmiling at the camera. Green cacti surround her. Behind her, a glass window reflects telephone wires and buildings.

Siobhan Jean-Charles (she/her) is an MFA candidate at Arizona State University. Her poetry can be found or are forthcoming in Broadkill Review, Furrow, Redactions, The Tusculum Review, and The Shore Poetry, where she is the blog editor.