My Life As A Blonde

Same moon, impossible stars,
pesky light beaming in off the parkway;
morning, the post-op blue of her eyes
(He called me; I followed)
same stars, impossible moon,
ferocious slash through the sky
like the moment when all is forgiven;
(the hardest part: thanklessness. After
that: waiting;)
sky pinched between rock,
rutting season, all the way
to the drop off, the interstate strewn
with dead deer; (He tells me in the car that he’s
patient, sure, but he’s pretty much had it
with this this perpetual winter bullshit;)

same light, impossible sky, the interstate ferocious,
thankless; In my daughter’s blended family therapy
drawings, I am always a blonde;
across the bridge, same thankless wind
sifting ash into darkening heaps;
this side of the interstate, same impossible,
same waiting, the minimalls hawking spray tans,
Steak Nightz, walk-in phlebotomy clinics;
(When she’s gone, it’s like the very ground
has swallowed her whole)

landscape receding into backlight, then opening
in the distance like the exit wound it is-
hard sky,
dark light,
moon thankless,
wait ferocious

Robyn Art was born in Lincoln, Massachusetts, hometown of the band "They Might Be Giants." She's the author of "The Stunt Double in Winter" (Dusie 2007) and recent work appears in Coconut, Wordfor/Word, The Illanot Review, Burnside Review, and Konundrum Engine. Currently she lives in Matawan, NJ, home of the infamous Matawan Creek shark attack which spawned the "Jaws" phenomenon.