Reviews and Reunions

For the last five years, Tinderbox Poetry has featured the work of so many fabulous writers! Promoting the work of our poetry community is a vital part of our reviews section. This year, we’re starting a brand new feature of Tinderbox’s Reviews, reconnecting with our roots.

In our new section, Catching up with Tinderbox, this month we’ll see what Issue One poets Anne Barngrover, Eric Steigener, Lesley Wheeler and Emily Yoon have been up to, and get a glimpse of what they’ve recently read, and see new work they’ve written! We also catch up with Tinderbox fam and writer pals Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano as they interview each other. Kick back, and enjoy the first of we hope are many happy reunions here. We love seeing the ways our poetry family continues to blossom.

– Sarah Ann Winn