Loca loca loca


The word is dissonance:

Cheekbone meeting palm

The static of a mic

Turned on too soon




It started

//with a safety pin\\

started with gentle

//metal beneath skin\\

craving safety of thought

//in the glide, the glide, the glide\\




A pin only pierced the memories

without letting them bleed

Wandering eyes count the scars on my hand

but fail to see the rubies peeking through jeans




It is only years later that I learn

the Tarahumara of Chihuahua healed

through bleedings: Rivers of red from

a curandera’s precision


The knowledge unblocked

A dam of guilt


Loca loca loca


When all I wanted was to find

Dios en mi sangre


Valorie K. Ruiz is a Xicana poet fascinated by language and the magic it evokes. She is an MFA Candidate at San Diego State University where she works with Poetry International and volunteers with Poetic Youth. Outside of her poetic work, she enjoys exploring digital literature and can be found working on her Twine game (Brujerías) or making galaxy cat themed websites in her spare time.