Shorn of the Dead

I hadn’t thought until now how our last call

was cut short

as the phone fell from your hand   how I waited

in the silence for you  Your last partner

picked the phone up from the floor and told me

your dad can’t talk anymore

as if speech was the last thing to leave you

she presented memonths later with

a small grey film cannisterits black lid

pressed closed like Baudelaire’s sky

on the contents of your last haircut

in trutha post-mortem cut

some clippings she had taken for each of us

four children tied with cotton

as if missing a button

she woreI noticedyour watch

next to hers on one wristand I wondered why

she got to share your last momentsseconds

And then your last words reported second-hand

Life is like a book

it has a beginning a middle and an end.

I think of the last haircut

we will all haveand whether we will

be there to look in the mirror and say Yesthat’s fine

or whethersomebody will take

a memento when we’re not looking.

tc is a poet, author, and award-winning screenwriter. tc thinks a lot about the entrapments of her generation, for her creating is a way of pushing back against establishment rhetoric and the destruction of safe social, ecological and spiritual space. tc studied poetry at Harvard and Literature at Boston University and The American College in Paris. her poetry workshops regularly feature at local schools and festivals.