Something About the Name

        It is the rawest name
        I know     The Kool-Aid is sweet
        when a nigga summons savior     I know
        the grandbabies gave their lives
        to sin when granny whispers the lord
        over the belt before the beating
        Maybe whosoever calls upon
        the name shall be saved
        from diabetes & child protective services
        Maybe we waste our peace
        praying His name will
                be a fence where
        it ain’t nothing but space & opportunity
                Be a plate on a
        passover our fridge can’t afford
        His mercy, a meal
        His grace, leftovers for breakfast
Oh, I love
        How the name is exalted
        by the need of the nigga:
        Be a bus pass
        in the shadow of the valley
        of Detroit
        Be a nap after wine
        Be a cloud keeping the bullshit at bay
Something about the Lord
always provides     always
        Be our basic needs
        running over

Justin Rogers
Justin Rogers is a Black poet, educator, coach, and editor from Michigan. Rogers shares poems surrounding living and praying as a Black man in America. He most recently has work published in Rinky Dink Press, Gramma Press, and is the winner of Black Napkin Press’ inaugural Chapbook Contest. He is the coordinator of InsideOut’s award winning after school program, Citywide Poets and is on staff with WusGood.Black, 3 Elements Review, and Driving Range Review.