i brought you back spices       you brought me back seeds

so i’m the one who has to wait

as usual

     in spring the earth will seem as if it has turned to gold

in the meantime           you cook the air delicious, dancing around

                    in your against-the-rules impossible skin

                         the music says             sei frei            be free

                    so i’m just following instructions

                    when i flail into you—

     stay mortal      i say

          stay wherever lets you be hungry then eat then be

          hungry again—

looking at you is like

     looking at myself with great vanity

     in the metaphor pond

i can touch your hands with my hands forever

               you are the only patience i know

                    keep soil wet

                    the orchestra sewing furiously

                    the orchestra rowing furiously

                         until rains fall

Sarah Huener
Sarah Huener holds degrees from UNC Chapel Hill and Boston University, and was a Robert Pinsky Global Fellow in 2013. Her recent work can be found in Nimrod International Journal, Congeries, New Delta Review, and the Greensboro Review. Sarah reads for INCH and interviews for The Collagist. Her reviews appear or are forthcoming in the North Carolina Literary Review, Chicago Review of Books, and PLUME.