*my skin spills / swishes / twists; water wails around my figure /

waiting and waiting and waiting until it could swallow me / until I sink / slip / quiet

*saliva pools out my mouth, you dip your fingers in / you cannot see me / my face or / body

your eyes are glass threatening to spill its contents, like a bandaged up wound that refuses to stop
bleeding / I am the lake to you / the sea’s constituent / I exist in paintings / in poems / in kisses
 You sink into my skin, the wind floating around us like spirits ready to curse, I bow my head,

and shut my eyes. you see nothing but an empty constituent of the sea / bleeding water

*like a wound / like scratches on clear glass

*flesh that threatens to spill out my body and into yours. You float against

my skin / pivot / lie on your back / my body is only a doll / a scar that can be moved with

*will / the scars are unspeaking lakes / they quarrel over

land / over body / over skin and blood and flesh; my fingers caress your chest / you lean

*into my   *touch / you are the stars spread across the lake / across my

 *untethered  *body, across the edge of my flailing soul / your

*fingers are a string of music in a silent room / color in

*empty houses / and I reach out for your neck / my

beloved / I press a kiss to your lips / splay my fingers over your taut belly / you brush my

cheeks, fingers wet and warm / I am the water that keeps you from death / I am the cork of a

*bottle of wine /

*I keep you shut

/ close / like those blinds in hotel rooms / I want to take you to a hotel room / make love to you /

kiss your mouth / caress your thighs / hip / chest / arms / I want to leave no part untouched / I

pull you under me and watch you / sink / beneath the seaweeds and baby fish / sink and sink and

sink / then / I push my body down / and / I follow you back to where you left / untethered /

string-like / my organs and skin and flesh floating to the top of the lake

Mrityunjay is a queer, trans, disabled writer of color. Mrityunjay’s work has been published or is forthcoming in The Michigan Quarterly Review, The Indianapolis Review, Oyster River Pages, The Masters Review, and elsewhere. He’s been awarded scholarships by the Sundance Institute, The Common, Frontier Poetry, and elsewhere. He was a semi-finalist for the Copper Canyon Press Publishing Fellowship. He has worked as a guest editor, a reader, and an intern at various literary journals. Currently, he’s an editor for ANMLY, and he’s a reader for the Harvard Review and The Masters Review.