the anesthesiologist like a luminous waitress

now I understand

why people kill for this stuff.

the quietest

love. milk. the opposite

of a bruise

if I don’t wake up, burn

my journals. if I don’t wake up

feed my dog. if I don’t

wake up, sell

everything, buy yourself

eight hundred thousand flowers

or stand on the roof

and throw my jewels at passing trucks

that said, though they’re ridiculous

I should have written

more poems. should’ve slapped

a few people across the face.

I am gifted now to see

how things are:

a drop of blood

easily wiped off the table

and by tomorrow

never there at all.

Sera Gamble’s poetry has appeared in Washington Square, Suitcase, and Caffeine. She also writes fiction, essays, film and television; most recently, she co-created the hit TV series You and The Magicians. Sera is a first-generation American living in Los Angeles with her husband and dog.