The Baby-Sitters Club Reunion

When Mary Anne receives the invite, she’s sipping a Bud Light Lime
because someone in the house drank all the vodka.

She doesn’t immediately recognize
that it’s from Kristy, long lost BFF and divorce lawyer.

In high school, 1996, Jessi and Mallory are each other’s first loves
so things might get awkward.

Claudia’s got the early stages of Type 2 diabetes, so she’s had to cut back
even though she occasionally goes into her bedroom closet, slides
the door closed, and unwraps a sour apple Jolly Rancher like a dirty secret.

No one’s seen Dawn since Burning Man 2005.


The reunion’s at the old Brewer mansion and Kristy’s paid
one of those maids-for-hire in a pink Honda
to come clean dog shit from the carpets.

For the first time in three years, the pool’s been cleaned
professionally. Mary Anne wears a modest one-piece.
Stacey’s stomach is still flat after all these years.

Say what you will about diabetes, Claudia remarks, looking her over.
And everyone is silently thinking the same –
diabetes for Stacey was like a cool older brother,
it always got her invited to parties,
and she was still working it.


Kristin Fitzsimmons is originally from Missouri and now lives in Minneapolis where she makes YouTube videos, edits transcriptions, and co-curates the poetry series Our Flow is Hard.