The Beautiful Cages

You have been Small Character too.  Perhaps that’s the kernel of your deep sympathy. Lost in the woods and discovering all your cleverly laid bread crumbs eaten up by the even more clever birds.  Who wrote those birds into my story?  Why did I wear this thin and flimsy nylon jacket instead of a substantial wool overcoat?  You regard all your own Small Characters, enclosed in holding pens or pacing their garrets.  Perhaps you wish mightily to be merciful.  And then you turn away.  You take down the beautiful cages made of living branches and release the birds.  They are hungry and sure to find the bread crumb trail which gleams like a comet’s tail through the dark night.


Rosalynde Vas Dias is the author of Only Blue Body, the winner of the 2011 Robert Dana Award offered by Anhinga Press. Her poems have appeared in Crazyhorse, The Cincinnati Review, West Branch, The Pinch, Laurel Review, and elsewhere.