The Fix-Up Strategies: Ask Questions

What state do we live in? What country?
What is four times four?
What are your favorite books?
How do we each learn best?
Who are your best friends? Who makes you
feel less alone in the world?
What are your favorite foods? How is food important
to family cultures? What happened to your father,
your mother, to you? What were the causes
of the French Revolution? What does “revolution” mean?
Why are you angry? Can you tell me
an example of an adjective, like “angry”?
When will you stop fighting me?
Who hurt you? Who still does?
Where does it hurt? Where?
Why wouldn’t you be angry? How
can I possibly make this better? What do you need
to be able to trust me? What do you need to survive?
Are you hungry? What state
do we live in?

Caroline M. Mar lives, writes, and teaches in her hometown of San Francisco. A member of Rabble Collective, Carrie is an alumna of the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College and VONA. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Collagist, The Volta, Nimrod, Four Way Review, and Gulf Coast.