The Purple Kiwi

It came in a clear plastic clamshell box 

like a homecoming corsage: 

a perfectly ripe kiwi, 

sliced down the center to reveal 

the gleaming purple fruit. She ate half, 

surprised by its arresting sweetness, 

and placed the remainder in her refrigerator 

between an apple and an orange. 

But when she reopened the door, 

the container was gone. 

The apple and orange had not moved 

closer together; there was simply nothing 

in the space between. And yet, 

she could still taste that purple kiwi. 

Surely something so delicious 

could not be imagined. 

Surely it made all other kiwis 

green with envy.

Susan L. Lin is outdoors; the sun is shining on her face. She has shoulder-length black hair and wears glasses with purple tortoiseshell frames.

Susan L. Lin is a Taiwanese American storyteller who hails from southeast Texas and holds an MFA in Writing from California College of the Arts. Her novella Goodbye to the Ocean won the 2022 Etchings Press novella prize, and her short prose and poetry have appeared in over fifty different publications. She loves to dance. Find more at