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The women cut off their hair

in grief in freedom in boredom in rage in defiance in hot flash in cold stare in cell walls in kitchens in stripmalls lush with piped-in playlists in solidarity in solitary in absentia in metaphor in poems in mirrors in airport bathrooms in hiding under the floorboards under his gaze under his eye under house arrest under duress yes again yes now yes it is happening somewhere

Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet

Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet is the author of The Greenhouse (Frost Place Chapbook Prize) and Tulips, Water, Ash (Morse Poetry Prize). Her poems have appeared in journals such as Blackbird, Kenyon Review, Plume, and Zyzzyva, in anthologies including Nasty Women Poets and The Bloomsbury Anthology of Contemporary Jewish American Poetry, and online at Poem-A-Day and Poetry Daily. She teaches at Portland’s Literary Arts and Seattle’s Hugo House, and hosts the Portland reading series Lilla Lit and Literary Bingo. (lisagluskinstonestreet.com)