This Is Fine, What I’m Wearing

Do you want to know how
to peel a lemon? No.
How to score a ham?
That’s been done.
How to iron cartridge pleats?
Don’t have an iron.
Do you want to build
a ziggurat? With what,
a wrench? A turtleneck, do
you want one, red or paisley?
Then I’ll need a mop.
Do you want to pose
for an album cover?
Naked, for a crooner?
Yes, and the playboys. No,
I’ll pass. Do you want
to hear a water harp?
A water harp?
Want to hear it?
In my dreams
I want to hear it.
Do you want to peel a lemon?
With a water harp?
Is that what you’re asking?

Athena Kildegaard is the author of four books of poetry: Ventriloquy, recently released from Tinderbox Editions, Rare Momentum, Bodies of Light (a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award), and Cloves & Honey (a finalist for the Midwest Book Award). She lives in Morris, Minnesota, where she teaches.