This Mighty Hole

Today I’m learning all Ten Benefits
of Lifting Weights With Your Vagina.
For instance, Increase Your Shriveling
Vitality! Fight Stubborn Baby Flab!
Get In Touch With Your Female
Fuckability! I hate websites that capitalize
every word, but I myself have dreams
of aggrandizement: with a cunt that strong,
I could raise a spinning globe from ground
to sky, oceans spiraling between my thighs.
Next up, the universe! Still, picking up
objects means putting them down,
and I prefer the thought of terminal
ascent—bodies slurped up by Heaven,
my cervix like an angry magnet sucking
everything into its cleft. How far can I
expand? Although I’m used to parting
as an ancient sea, black skirt wrinkled
at my feet, what flows in falls out—
see the flood of rotting fish vacating
my rotting fish! Read Eight Reasons
Why He Won’t Stay! The seventh says
I am inherently a jealous lover,
which is to say I’m flexing muscles
that are weak, your body bigger
than what I can hold. Why wouldn’t
I despise my own fragility? I used to
get off on feeling small, my legs
like grass blades in your hands.
How To Be Diaphanous! How To
Be the Doe Getting Fucked Raw
By The Ram! As owner of Earth’s
Most Powerful Vagina, I cackle
at the notion of a coy debut,
dressing my figure as an offering.
At the center of all matter, nothing
else can move. You, stuck here—
isn’t that what strength is all about?
Behold the cosmic stubble of my black hole!
Surrender to my superhuman cunt!
I’m swallowing the moon and cumming
out stars! I’ve filled the sky up
with my rancid smell, stretched
so wide you can’t get out.

A New York native, Sarah Sgro is currently pursuing her MFA in poetry at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. This past year, she worked as an editorial assistant for Guernica magazine. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in the minnesota review and Word Riot.