he wanted a new adult film industry starring / women like me / so he must have meant hot / but
like fire pit / like a dry summer on the roof of your mouth like / when I speak I spark / a thousand
tiny threats / women like you / did you mean you wanted a smart girl / like one who got a’s in
science class / maybe / she likes astronomy / maybe the thought of being made of stardust /
maybe / the fact of a black hole drinking / our galaxy slow / like / the thickest milkshake / women
like me / have stardust for blood / but that means / women like me / must have drank down
whole galaxies & / chased them with whiskey / women like me / take shots / at you / women like
you / so like a vacuum ? / like / a stunningly beautiful menace to swallow you whole ? /
so like a woman ?


Shay Alexi is a poet and performance artist whose work lives somewhere between warrior cries, literary fairy dust, and texts from your best friend. She tells stories in an effort to cultivate joy, dismantle patriarchy, promote radical empathy, and throw a really great party. Shay's work has been featured in video form by Button Poetry, Write About Now, HomeGrown Poetry, and The Open Floor. She is the winner of the 2017 Beecher’s Poetry Prize, RiverSedge Poetry competition, and a regular illustrator and contributor for the online journal Thread. Keep up with Shay and see more of her work at