Two Deaths


Crow death and buzzard death
stood on an Ozark hill,
surveying the hollers and treetops
beneath the cloak of something darker.
As heavy morning sky pressed
down their feathers, they agreed
on so little, except this:
They should separate.
And away they split to meet
the fathers in the cold fields,
the unlucky, young, and screeching,
and finally the stoically violent parade
of a small town’s widows.

Kate Murr is a recent graduate of the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College. She grew up on Main Street in a rural southwest Missouri town and teaches as a working artist in rural schools and at the Art Museum in Springfield, Missouri. Her chapbook about Bald Knobbers, the devil, and art was selected among the finalists for last year's Sunken Garden contest at Tupelo Press. Her work appears in anthologies from Pencil Box Press and FootHills Press.