Will Written in the White Conference Room

This poem is about a Will I was privileged to draft for a woman back in the day when I was still a practicing estate planning attorney.
I know I’m too old to wear leopard skin prints.
Write that I lost my only son last month. And my Executor
should give his car to my daughter. She’s bipolar.
Write:           I own forty acres in Georgia.
Write:           I got it under my aunt’s Will.
Write:           I haven’t seen it for years.
Write:           Horses, peaches, cousins.
My son’s name was Marvin, for marvelous.
Don’t laugh, but after I had my daughter, Mary Lou,
I got pregnant by accident when we thought I couldn’t.
Write:          My wedding ring, 14 karat gold with a one full karat diamonds.
Look at it—see?—a full karat.
Write:          That ring must go my daughter.
Write:          She can sell it,I don’t care.
Write:          Not out of lack of affection for my other kin…or whatever you said.
Write:          I bought the car for my son. It’s still in his name.
Write:          I lived with my aunt and uncle from the time I was two years old.
Write:          I was the one that took care of them when they was sick.
Write:          I might sell that Georgia property. It’s mine.
I’d have to chase my cousins off the property if I want to sell it.
They sure hate paying me rent, but they won’t want to see it gone.
Write:         I haven’t even cleaned out my own house since last month.
My daughter helps me clean it, off and on, when she feels up to it.
Lately she hasn’t felt up to it.
Write:           I want to create a trust for my daughter. I don’t have no name for the trustee yet.
Put yourself in as trustee.
Is my lipstick on crooked? I’m a small woman, but still strong.
My daughter’s not strong and she has spells.
Don’t put in how old I am. You don’t need that, do you?
Write:           O God           O God          O God.
No, take that out.

Eileen Murphy lives 30 miles from Tampa with her husband and three dogs. She received her Masters degree from Columbia College, Chicago, and teaches literature/English at Polk State College. She’s recently published poetry in Rogue Agent, The Open Mouse, Yes, Poetry, Tinderbox (nominated for Pushcart Prize), Thirteen Myna Birds, Deaf Poets Society, and a number of other journals.