He wants me to whip my dick out in the first line, The message should be centered, un-wrapped, & easier to suck clean. He wants a reason to keep listening. Every follicle of my body (and especially the ones that recall awkward appetizers with a lunch-time tinder match) whispers no; remembers a nice boy walking me to my car, and me (foolishly) turning my head to buckle the safety belt. When I turned back to say “nice to meet you, but I think this was a one-time thing,” it hung over the edge of my window, a listless geoduck—didn’t even have the decency to get it up, first— must be my job, too. For two nights I mull it over. I ask other women what they make of his advice. We discuss the merits of footnotes and mistaking the point of a piece for a problem to solve; I research the length of the clitoris (7-13 centimeters) & turn of the century gynecological practice & masturbate with a sour taste in my mouth & come angrier than when I began, pondering how I might lengthen the whole of my clitoris to give the impression of commanding attention.

Yeniza Fréa is a recovering English teacher in Miami. Her work draws onthe intersection between visual cues, language, geography, and space. Her debut collection, Miel y Sal, is forthcoming. Follow her on twitter @freayeniza and do something kind today.